How to hook up vga from p c to tv with no vga

i have a 55in flatscreen phiips tv and im trying to hook up my tower onto the tv so its much easier to see now i dont have a vga hookup on the tv so what do i do
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  1. What GPU do you have?What are the avalible connectors?
  2. ^ GPU and other connectors would help. but either a DVI cable or HDMI cable will both do the job you want (your tv will most likely have these inputs) so all you need is the cable.
  3. If there's no VGA (analog) input on the TV, then you'll need a graphics card with a digital output. Whether that output is DVI or HDMI doesn't really matter, as either one can be converted to the other format with no signal loss or degradation. It would, however, be easiest to use a GPU that has the same output connector as the TV's available input. (This likely means HDMI.) After that, all you need is the appropriate cable (and an appropriate converter dongle, if necessary).
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