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Hey all i am buying a new pc , i will be getting a asus 660 2gb, intel i5 2400/3470 processor and 8gb 1333mhz RAM. I would like to know which mobo will be cheap and suitable for supporting the proc and gpu and ram, also i would like to add another 660 after 2yrs so plz suggest a good mobo! it can be asus, gigabyte or intel depending on cost and value for money. Also plz tell me why ppl prefer asus over intel. I am a first timer in buying gaming pc so plz help out , I also live in india so prices amounting to rs would be appreciated . Thanks
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  1. Get the 2400 if price is a concern; the 3470 may not post without a bios flash on less expensive boards such as this one: I use this board with a 2120 and it works great; has the UEFI bios which is easier to work with. If you go with the 3470, get an H77 or B75. The B75 boards should definately work without having to flash the bios. Here's one: There's nothing wrong with Intel boards, but asus tends to have more bios adjustments. Get whichever one is cheaper brand new.
  2. Thank you bhai! they tell me that i5 2400 is currently unavailable and give me a i5 2500 instead. I can buy a i5 2500k , will the mobo u suggested be used for oc?
  3. Neither the h77 nor b75 boards can overclock, no.
  4. So can u suggest a good i5 2nd gen or 3rd gen processor within 10-11k
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