42" Plasma tv as gaming monitor?...Plasma users help

I have a 42" Panasonic TCP42S1 Plasma TV. I want to use it for gaming. Come to find out it have a refresh rate of only 60hz... Plasmas dont need to have as high of refresh rates like LCD's but they marketed it as having 600hz. The 600Hz Sub-field Drive anti-blur technology is what is has and im wondering how this will affect gaming on the tv and the FPS it can display. This is the anti-blur tech. explained...


"For each frame displayed on the TV the Sub-field drive flashes the dots 10 times or more, meaning that the dots are flashing 600 times per second (600Hz) or more. (Example: 60 frames per second x 10 sub-fields = 600 flashes per second)."

"It all boils down to TV manufacturers using some science to trick our eyes into perceiving a better picture. The television shows you the image at the same refresh rate but fires the individual pixels faster so the images appear smoother."

Anyone who games with a plasma tv let me know how they handle higher fps, 60+?

Im looking at either using GTX 570 or 560 ti Sli for my first build in the next couple of weeks.....
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  1. well from what i know most plasmas today have higher refresh rates than leds and lcds. as far as the anti motion blur it could ruin some of the "realism" from games that have it, like crysis 2. or at least i think it will.

    all i can say is that the picture quality from my sisters plasma looked better than my brothers LG and Vizio LCD's they were all 60hz
  2. Plasma isn't idea for gaming from what I've heard. They are extremely susceptible to burn in
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