GTX 580 GPU Artifacts? messing up.

Playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 online today.. and my game was freuqently having issues. No matter what server, when I restarted etc. Artifacts would pop up.. parts of the screen would lose most its color.

Dunno what to do...

Here is a video.


Thanks for any help

My temps didn't seem too bad...

GPU topped out at 61 C, 4 cores never went above 52C, nothing is overclocked my GP model is an Asus GTX 580 DCII
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  1. Wish I could help....I have the same Asus GTX580 DC II.
    Its having problems aswell....
  2. Looks like it's a memory leak with the video card i would RMA with the Manufacture and get a replacement i wouldn't be concerned with the Temps i have my 8800GT up over 100C on a few games
  3. Also get where lines like this...



  4. Thats nothing. Entire objects disappear and reappear at a similiar rate to what those shadows where popping up on my laptop and I can walk through them but nothing happens on my normal comp. Same thing also happened with my old comp on bf2142. I originally assumed it was because of it being a old computer and/or video card but now that Ive seen it on a newer comp Im a bit skeptical on it. You got new video card drivers and such? It may even be polite to notify dice about this so they can fix the problem in future games.

    Cya Dude.
  5. oh other games also eh? maybe its a nvidia fault or possibly a microcox fault with that particular version of direct x? What DX you running dude?
  6. It is the vram, sometimes this issue pops up on occasion. RMA this card and save your self the headache but you can in the future keep the fan on a higher setting rather than default. 60-80% fixed will solve some cooling issues that are common now days.
  7. Thats handy to know. Thanks dude.
  8. Thanks guys, I am in the process of returning it.
  9. In particular what you see in the second 2 videos is typical of a faulty card. I had similar problems with a ASUS GPU awhile back, and I sent the videos to their tech support, half expecting them to blame bugs within the game, nVidia, drivers etc but they straight up said return the card straight away and gave me a case number, all replaced no problems!
  10. Hmm bollocks. Do you think they'll do that with a laptop? Laptops are extremely fiddly to mess around with so they may be a bit more hesitant. Spose it cant hurt to try though.
  11. So long as its under warranty, and they confirm a GPU fault. Random shadows and shapes etc can be harder to pin down to a faulty GPU vs old drivers, bugs, bad programming, but what you see happening in those 2nd videos with points & vectors spiking off into infinity... and on more than 1 game... = bad GPU. Seen it on ATI cards, nVidia cards and even on a PS3 once.
  12. It was on 2 different computers. 1 of them was a desktop with a nvidia 6600 running BF2142. The other was a laptop with a AMD HD3650 on BFBC2. If its on warranty now that may be interesting. I cant remember how long ago I bought it but it wont be that hard to find out. However Ive been meaning to upgrade the hard drive on it and maybe the memory regardless so its not that much of a problem. IF indeed it is a upgradable card and some laptops are not built that way but that can be figured out with a call to the manafacturer. However I doubt that its a driver fault as they where new. It has happened on a few other games but I cant remember what they where. Ill reinstall a few and see if I can figure it out. I shall investigate. Thank you for bring that to my attention dude.

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