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I am trying to find a really good motherboard and video card but im not sure? How do you know if the motherboard is compatible with the video card? Can someone recommend me a good motherboard and video card ? Im in a tight buget
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  1. Budget? What power supply do you have; make and 12v rail in amps?
  2. Like 400$ on motherboard and video card together and i bought a 700watts its my first build
  3. Intel or amd cpu?
  4. Which is better?
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    For a tight budget, here's some recommendations:

    or this combo for more: (works with either motherboard)

    Make sure you have a full size atx case for the asus board. The shellshocker special is the first board/cpu combo, good for today only. Microcenter has outstanding deals on Intel cpus and discounts the motherboard $50 when purchasing some combos.
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