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Hi Guys,

Im having a system pre built by a company in the UK called Chillblast ive done extensive research and the company are very reputable any ways ive decided on the below build and Im hoping this system will paly the games I list below on maximum setting on the 24” screen included with my system
Please note the system will only be used for

MMORPG games and RTS only mainly WoW Cata and Dawn of War 2 Series Starcraft 2

I have a Xbox which I use for all Call of Duty and action games ect.

I will also use the system for
Downlaoding Movies & Music
Streaming Films via HDMI to the TV
iTunes / Playing Music
Watching Blu Rays
Burning DVD’s / CD’s
Microsoft Office
Web Browsing

I would very much appreciate any additional comments or advice on my build
(Also I can upgrade the GPU to a ASUS DIRECT CU II version for an extra £35 but not sure if its ill get any benefit from this?

Just thought I would mention im not able to build my own at the moment so that option is out also my budget is £1100 the below system is coming in at £1098

Windows Home Premium 64 Bit OS
Cooler Master Elite 430 case
Additional 120mm Blue LED case cooling fans fron & rear
Intel Core i7 2600k Overclocked to 4ghz
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler
Asus P8Z68-V LE motherboard
8 GB Corsair PC3 -12800 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (2 x 4gb sticks)
AMD Radeon HD 6970 2048MB (Asus or Palit version dependant on stock)
40GB Corsair Force SSD (this is used in SSD caching to boost performance)
1000GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
SSD Caching Configuration
Samsung Blu Ray Rom / DVD RW Combi Drive
Sony 24 x DVD RW Drive
Corsair Ultra Low Noise 600W PSU

24” ASUS VS247H Widescreen LED Monitor
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  1. interesting...i was playing with your config on pcpartspicker and it came in to something like $300 less in the US, but it costs the same in the UK. i wonder if there are more builders here in the US than in the UK, as a proportion of people who are getting a new PC...

    that's a bit overkill btw, you definitely dont need anything that powerful...

    trust me, no matter how much you want a beast PC, you really dont need that. save £300 for something a little more budget oriented, youre not gonna be playing metro 2033 all day long...
  2. this base config is much better:

    damn your taxes are sky high.... :(
  3. That wasnt the base unit I used the configuration on it was this:

    Chillblast Fusion Volt:
  4. Sorry I didnt read your first post! :??:

    I was just hoping to futureproof myself and get the best I can with the money im going to spend my original budget was £1300 but decided to drop it to £1100
  5. the thing is that the cost to performance ratio goes down as you build cheaper. so generally cheaper gaming PCs are a better deal.

    if you want to futureproof, get a good mobo, but otherwise you should downgrade everything else maybe except the CPU. that way you save the most money. if you want upgrade, you can always do it in the future...
  6. What would your final recomedation be in regarsd to saving the most money I can I definately want to order from chillblast what about the Chillblast Fusion Striker: £750
  7. You don't need the I7, drop it down to an I5 2500k, you also might not need the 6970, but as i say, it can't hurt, though if you want you can drop it down to a 6950 :) other then that it looks pretty ok

    oh and a Hyper212+ evo would work just as good as the arctic cooler
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