My system Is starting by itself

Hi all,

kindly Provide me an solution solve this issue,
I'm Using ASUS M2A74-AM motherboard and 1GB M9600GT graphics card,

When i turn on my ups its getting switched on by itself even if i shutdown the PC its getting turned on its such irritating since i need too power off the UPS b4 its getting restarted,

OS : Windows8
RAM : 2GB + 1GB
HDD : 250GB +2TB
Processor : Athlon x2

this might not be an OS issue because i disconnected all HDD and optical drive and i did jumper reset my bios and i turned on the UPS, At that time it didn't start by itself, then i switched the PC power button ON, PC didn't boot since HDD is disconnected , so i switched of UPS and i turned on the ups in same condition without HDD again its turning on by itself ... i tested the PC power switch , USB ,LAN and graphics card nothing makes a change ..
Help me to solve this issue
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  1. Just to clarify what the issue is. UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) Is actually a battery.. That keeps your system running in the event of a power failure.

    I think your meaning. PSU (power supply unit) Powers your desktop system, connected to the mobo, vid card etc etc.

    Your system automatically turns on and you have to use the switch at the back of the psu to keep your system off?

    Id say the button on your case used to turn the power on/off is malfunctioning (known to happen overtime by usage) getting stuck and always thinking it's on. Let us know if my clarification is right and we can help further!
  2. ya u are correct i think . My UPS has nothing to do with my PC cas i have a normal UPS to supply POWER it won't be connected to PC via cable for battery level or etc . so u say i ve a problem with my SMPS ah. hw can i solve this issue bro
  3. You are meaning the power switch of my PC rite :-( Its working normally cas i disconnected the Switch from mobo but still the problem exists ... PC is turning on at once power on the UPS or if i shutdown the machine
  4. help me in this issue please
  5. If you disconnected that switch (turns the pc on and off) Then i'd say there is something going on with your mobo that doesn't recognize when it's being turned on and off..

    If it's newer RMA it. Thats all i can think of is a mobo failure.
  6. damp sure its a MB problem ... how can i solve this
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