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I have a 1 GB ATI 5870 card in my Windows 7, 2.67 GHz, i7 920. 6 GB RAM. 64-bit OS. I may expand that 6GB very soon. Just went to

Currently attached I have 1 HDMI monitor and 1 monitor with a DVI adapter, the 17-inch Dell E773c CRT.

I have another 17-inch Dell E773c CRT already, but not hooked up.

What does everyone recommend I do to get Eyefinity? ...................Get a Display Port adapter for the other monitor?

Buy a Display Port monitor?

Buy another monitor and get Display Port adapter?

Had this machine since Nov. Time to fill with memory and get Eyefinity.

:ouch: :ouch: :ouch: :ouch:
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  1. DON'T USE CRT! Also, don't game on 1080p per monitor with 1gb RAM on the GPU.
  2. oh 1080p is fine on the 1GB card in most cases and as far as three monitors there are only a few situations where a 2GB card would be significantly better. If you run without AA and AF on the more demanding games you may be o.k as far as memory, though I would recommend adding another card :D.

    Anyway, you only need to use a display port adapter if you want a 3rd monitor. For two it is simply a dual display.
  3. Question: What if I bought a active display port adapter and just hooked up the third CRT?
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    Yes that will work just fine for eyefinity. You have to run them all at the same resolution.
  5. Ok, thanks. Wanted to know I could get it to work with an adapter.

    I am going to order the active adapter and give it a shot.
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