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I have decided to assemble a gaming system and this is what I have come up with:

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Photo editing ( Photoshop ).

Parts Not Required: Hard Disk, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Case, Power Supply, Ram, DVD Rom,

Country of Origin: Sweden

Parts Preferences:

Cpu: Intel Core i7 960, 3.20GHz

Mainboard: Asus or Supermicro ( This is my real question! )

Graphic Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 570 1280MB HD SOC

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

I have been told that Supermicro has a very good reputation in producing reliable Mianboards. So far, I have been using Asus Mainboards and to be honest, there have been no cons that I can mention.

After assembling this system, I won't be able to assemble a new one for the next few years. So my goals here are long-gevity and upgradability.

So my question is: for a price up to almost 400$, which manufacturer and model of mainboard do you recommend?

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  1. When someone says Supermicro I think of server motherboards, not desktop. I have always used Asus in my personal PC's for YEARS. They make a good product and I know how their support works if I ever need a warranty repair. (never for a motherboard yet)

    You can also sink a bunch of money into an "Enthusiast" motherboard. I am running a plain vanilla ASUS P6T and running a good OC on my i7 for almost 3 years. The higher end board have more "features" and stuff you should evaluate before forking over the extra money. $400 is alot for a motherboard in my opinion.

    Also, any chance you can hold off for the x79 boards and new Sandy Bridge-E chips? I believe they are coming in January. I wouldn't invest in the old LGA1366 chips anymore. LGA2011 is right around the corner. Especially if you want to hang onto it for a few years.
  2. Thanks for your help!

    Could you please tell me a bit more about these new x79 boards and sandy-E bridge chips? I can wait until the January, however if the new boards turn out too be too expensive or not really that much of a improvement over this one, I'd rather buy something today!

    Thanks again!
  3. Here, Read.

    It's the enthusiast replacement for the LGA1366 chips. Supports quad channel memory instead of triple. 4 and 6 core HT chips. Stock intel sealed liquid cooler. All sorts of goodies.
  4. Hejsan,

    don't get the 1366, go for 1155 and Sandy Bridge :)
  5. ^
    It sounds like he wants the highend enthusiast level board. The 1366 replacement is 2011. 1155 is more mainstream. Although, they do have Enthusiast level mainstream boards. If you can wait, I'd wait.
  6. Thank you all!

    I read a little bit about the 2011, and it according to the speculations, it's going to be 20-40 % faster than 1366. However, it seems that the price is going to be close to what a should pay today for my preferred 1366. So I'm going to wait!

    The way I see it, it's a win-win situation. If it turns out to be too expensive or not really that better than 1366, then I can buy my 1366 at an even lower price. If it turns out to be really better, then I'll buy the next generation!

    Thank you for helping me! You have been great!
  7. sounds like a plan. that is what i would do. i usually replace my core system (mobo,cpu,mem) every 3 years. I am coming up on 3 in January and do not plan to upgrade this year. My i7 will run for 1 more year before it finds a new home. i think you will be happy with your choice in the end. You will get the new tech, which is always fun.
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