Best pci-e sound card for audiophile

Hey guys looking at purchasing a new sound card for my work pc and would like peoples honest opinions of their experiences with sound cards for music playback and recording.
I'm looking for the best sounding sound card without having to go pro, as for recording, I'm using the card to record DJ sets directly from the mixer to the pc.

Cards I'm looking at

Creative Sound Blaster Titanium HD
Creative Sound Blaster Titanium PCI-e
Auzentech X-fi Forte
Auzentech Bravura
Asus Xonar D2X
Asus Xonar Essence STX

Which card from this list would you choose and why?

Which card also has good software for recording through a line input or rca?

Which card's sound playback makes you go wow thats awesome?

Thanks for your help, have used the Creative X-fi Fatality in the past , the sound was pretty good and the software was easy to use for recording, should I go for another Creative card?

Thanks again!
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  1. Hi :)

    A lot depends on your budget....sound cards range fro £10 to Hundreds....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Hey Brett budget is up to 300 us :)
  3. What mixer??? :) Well I don't know much about sound cards, but here are the most bought ones on newegg: Looks like the asus xonar essence xt is a good choice. and you can upgrade to some external amp or something like that?
  4. Hey amuffin , running analog as I still use Vinyl aswell as CD, so using my DJM-600 and its hooked up to Crown CE-1000 amp and JBL speakers.
    Been doing some research and hear the Asus Essence cards sound great but have a few problems with recording with the line input, think I might bite the bullet and get the Creative SB Titanium HD.
  5. The ASUS Essence STX is best in class. That being said, since you don't get 7.1 out of it, I'd add the ASUS Xonar Xense and Auzentech Home Theatre HD to your list if that is a problem.

    I simply can not recommend a Creative card. The ASUS D2X is too costly for what it offers, the Forte is an older card, and the Bravura always annoyed me for being called an X-fi yet lacking EAX 5 support [though it IS a solid card].

    Also, very few cards offer a stand alone line input these days; I believe the D2X does , but its not a major feature for most soundcards. SOundcards focus on audio OUTPUT, not input.
  6. NI Traktor Audio 6 is a good choice for you needs. you can connect it on various configs:

    also it have a ground connector for your 1200mkx, if you wanna rip direclty from vinyls.
  7. Guys thanks for your help , I went ahead and took a chance by getting the Creative Sound Blaster Titanium HD. I just didnt want to risk getting the ASUS STX after reading the Asus forums, it appears the line in input is shared with the mic and therefore users are finding issues with recording using that input.

    Gotta say the sound from the Titanium HD is excellent, clear and crisp and the bass that comes out of it is awesome, the installation was easy and having no issues with the drivers or the card at all.
    I believe Creative finally got their drivers right this time and made a really good card. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recomend this card to anyone thats looking for an excellent 2 channel stereo sound card for music or recording.
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