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  1. It looks decent. A couple of things....

    I would go with a AM3+ motherboard for future upgrades.

    That cpu is on sale all the time for $105. I expect that to drop further soon.

    A GTX560 and GTX560ti are NOT the same card (if you didn't know)

    That hd is way too expensive for 500GB's. Shop around, I'm kinda shocked to see hd prices recently went up so much. I just picked up a 500GB drive a month ago for $50.
  2. yep I would hold off on HD's right now since the flooding.

    Is that case big enough to hold that graphics card?
  3. granted.. that is a 64MB cached HDD.. it will be a little more exspensive..

    If you are willing to spend that money for a 500 gig.. get a hybrid.. much faster :)


    and for $20 bucks more.. get the 560ti..

  4. A couple things I would like to say. I am no expert at hardware for computers, I only recently became interested in building my own. A friend of mine referred me here to get some advice. I appreciate everything that was stated already.

    I do like the suggestion for the AM3+ motherboard. Would the one listed by mosox be compatible with the CPU? The one I selected only states AM3.

    I was told by the same friend to get a HD with a 64mb cache. Personally, if I spend a little bit more for a HD, so be it.

    What would be a good case to use? I am not at all familiar with cases.
  5. Well yes, 64MB cache HDD makes for a very fast HDD. The hybrid drive i referred to you is even faster for the same size. It is half SSD, Half HDD. How it works is the most common storage you access (Operating system, certain games, Firefox etc) get store on the Solid State portion of the drive while the other files (pictures, movies, stuff you dont open much) get stored on the HDD. This makes for an incredibly fast hard drive without having to spend the big $$$ on a completely solid state drive.

    As for cases. Get one that looks good for you... for the most part, they are personal preference. Just keep in mind cooling and how you want to setup the system. Personally, i hate mesh in cases (Always fills with dust within about 3 month) and they just look terrible. I also prefer good quality steal cases. Silverstone, Antec, and Corsair are my favs.
  6. The HD information you gave me is very informative. I will keep the one you suggested to me in mind.

    How would this look for a case?
    Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Steel ATX Full Tower Unbeatable Gaming Case
  7. LOL the case is nice.. but to my opinion.. full of mesh.. ew!

    Again.. personal opinion..

    i love this case


    179 after rebate,, but you can find it for 169 over at tigerdirect..
  8. Would I be able to fit everything in that case?
  9. oh yeah.. plenty of space. Dont be fooled by the difference from mid-tower to full-tower..

    Full tower are deceptively HUGE! way over kill for a lot of things

    I can put 7 HDD's and 4 Burners in that case. with pleny of room for cable management etc.

    Check out the video Newegg provides. Take a look at how big it is compare to the guy
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