Computer wont turn on, any ideas?

The other day i woke up and heard my computer make a weird noise so i hit the off switch.
I turned my computer on a little while later and it would not boot up. The lights would come on, the fans would start and nothing, it would just sit there. I can kill it by just tapping the on button in the front.

So, i listened for beeps but no beeps. This might be because my system speaker isnt present and plugged into the motherboard but still i dont know.

I first thought it was my graphics card because i had to clean it with some break cleaner (had some weird battery acid stuff on it).
I now think its the motherboard but its hard to tell with computers cause it looks so nice, clean and brand new. I am just hoping it isnt the power supply and i spend 500 on a newmotherboard.

What i have done:

Disconnected all the power and removed the cmos battery, turned on after 30 minutes (no response).
Shorted pin 1 and 2 of bios chip 2 located near the cmos battery, 'while powered on' (restart with no response).
Removed all ram except one (no response "however when all was removed i got a constant reestarting")
Had 5 beers and waited with crossed fingers and throwing salt over right shoulder (no response)

Anyone know what this might be?

my computer parts
Graphics 2gb quad dvi hd-4850


Power supply:
Some ozc one.

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  1. Well two things:

    1. Even if the PSU is the problem that doesn't necessarily mean your motherboard is. You can replace a PSU without having to replace your whole system. If you have another PSU handy I'd recommend testing it out on that - what you would do is connect the 12V 24 pin power cable and the +-4 (or 8 in some case) pin cable to your motherboard and see if it lights up. If it does, then your PSU is the problem. If it doesn't, your motherboard is the problem. But if not, I'd contact the manufacturer of your PSU and see what they recommend.

    2. If it's in fact the motherboard, you can always get it RMA'd through Newegg or the manufacturer itself that is if it's still covered under warranty. If not then yeah you would have to replace the motherboard, CPU, and RAM.
  2. Check the PSU, and check the CPU too.

    I did the same thing to turn off the switch of my XPS410 long time ago, end up to kill the CPU and MB. I check the CPU that got the burn marker on it.
  3. Hi,

    First take out the memory and try to boot,

    If you hear beeps, it means memory problem most likely

    if no beeps, it's you PSU / CPU or mobo.

    then 1st try with another PSU, if still doesn't boot, your next bet would be finding a spare cpu or mobo... but then good luck with that.

    If you have to change cpu or mobo might as well buy a new computer unless its a 2010/2011 computer.
  4. OK i found a speaker and plugged it into the motherboard pins. I get 1 beep when i have ram in and 8 when i take the ram out.


    1 short DRAM refresh failure The programmable interrupt timer or programmable interrupt controller has probably failed.

    I remember a few months back i tried to put in a couple more sticks of ram and it would not take them so i had to take them out. The ram works in other computers i am sure of that. So its a motherboard thing.... I found a jumper and put it on the cmos pins and hit start, nothing happend. I pulled the jumper and it tried to start but it gave the same old 1 beep.
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