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Hey guys, I want to build a gaming rig and I am really confused what to buy, I am not able to decide whether I go with Intel or AMD. I currently have XFX GTX 275 896MB and just want to upgrade MOBO, processor and RAM as I don’t have too much bucks to spend on a new Graphics card so just want to upgrade the above three.
I game at 1920X1080 and have a budget of $300 for MOBO, processor and RAM, just need help to find out what brand and with what configuration I go for so as to be future proof without any bottle necks, I do multitasking and a lot of gaming, so please help me guys I am really confused and not able to think what to do, you are the only hope…!!:(
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  1. What is your current rig? how much power does your PSU rated at?
  2. Its a Cooler master RS-550W SLI ready.
  3. Its a Oldschool 90nm Pentium D 2.8GHz...lol :)
  4. am3 mobo phenom x4 and 4gb of ddr3 ram, a system like that will do well in gaming
  5. +1 to mosoxz.
  6. If i go for a i5-2500k i am curious how future proof is that and i've just seen only the benchmarks , has anyone used it that can tell me how powerful is that , becoz i want the flexibility to upgrade the processor if a want to in future but not sure if there are too many options for 1155 socket.
  7. post your specs
  8. in gaming there is no need for anything above a phenom x4 and with that mobo you can drop in piledriver when it hits for (hopefully) performance better than the current six cores in single threaded and beastly performance in multithreaded
  9. Considering this fact AMD seems more future proof as Intel introduces new sockets more frequently and i am not sure if i go with a 1155 socket i may become outdated after 1 year, intel may introduce another socket with another set of processors in next 1 year that will not fit in my 1155, wat say...!!! I personally like the performance that 2500k offer but just that fact i am scared of is i don't want to be in a deadlock situation that i may need to change the whole system i.e a new MOBO, processor and RAM after next 3 years...so that makes me tend towards AMD...Again a lot of confusion.
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