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I have a Asus M5A99X Evo motherboard ( ) and i

am looking for a new amd am3+ processor. This is the one i was looking at but i dont know if its compatible with my


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  1. Yes it is compatible, but you'll have to flash the bios of the mobo.

    But why not this one :


    It will be better than that one, these two are more recent ones and from a better architecture(Piledriver) and improves more 15-20%
  2. I was looking at those as well but just didnt know what was compatible or not. what does it mean to flash the bios of the mobo?? this is my first build btw...
  3. See if your mobo version is the 2.0 or if you have the 1604 bios version on you pc , if not you need to download the M5A99X EVO BIOS 1604 :
    Select your os and download the bios.
    It's easy to do, there are plenty of guides/videos of how to.
    Then you can put any of those cpus in the mobo without worries.
    I'd go for the fx-6300.
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