Sabertooth 990fx starts then quits

I have a desktop computer with a Sabertooth 990FX running an AMD 8 core processor Black Edition) and 16GB of memory. I am running Win 7 x64 Ultimate. I have a ssd disk as c drive. It has been running fine (except for very long startups and shutdowns).

Last night I installed a HP 8500 pro wireless printer and the system automatically re-booted. I got a BSD but did not capture the error fast enough.

Now when I try to boot, the fans start, the cd lights blink, motherboard lights blink and the machine goes thru the motions of starting but stops after 10 seconds.

I get a green standby power light and red flashes on the mem Ok switch. I have reseated every card, disconnected the c drive and tried to boot with my windows repair disk. Same thing happens, it is not even giving me a message to press any key to boo from cd.

I am entering this on my laptop.

Someone Help Please!
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  1. What specific ram modules are you using? Have you tried pressing mem okay when red led is blinking? Check your ram (especially on the non-lock down side) seating - give each module a good press down.
    Hope it helps
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