PSU & Video card upgrade issues

current machine:
eMachines ET1331G-03w

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Processor Brand: AMD Athlon II X2 235e 2.7GHz

Attempting to upgrade to:
Corsair CX500 PSU
GeForce GTS450 video card

Current video card is on motherboard. It is powered by a 4-pin connection from the crappy 300w PSU.

GTS450 Card is powered by PCIe 6-pin connector. Crappy 300w PSU does not have PCIe connector. Corair CX500 PSU has the PCIe but not the 4-pin to power video card integrated on motherboard. Thus both cards cannot be powered at same time.

When new components installed, monitor does not display image.

Per previous help topics, I reinstalled old components, opened device manager and disabled integrated video card. Re-installed new components, black screen again.

Hooked up old parts, entered BIOS to also disable onboard graphics there, however since system cannot recognize another video card, it will not let me disable onboard card.

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  1. What 4 pin are you talking about? The onboard 6150 doesn't use a 4pin plug.

    I think the issue might be your board uses a 4pin aux plug for the CPU. I'm guessing the CX500 doesn't have a 4 pin that you've noticed. Look for an 8 pin plug. It's probably a 4+4pin that you need to break in half. (it should be notched, you don't literally break it.) Plug the PSU back into the system and make sure the 20 or 24 pin ATX plug is in AND the 4 pin. Put the card back in and hook up its 6pin plug. You should be fine now.
  2. BINGO!!!

    A thousand thank yous kind sir. You hit it right on the money!

    You're kindness and wisdom is greatly appreciated. May every aspect of your day be great tomorrow.
  3. No problem and thank you. I assume it's all working now? Good luck with your card, you can play games now. (tell your wife I said sorry, she probably won't see much of you anymore... :D)
  4. Up & running dual 22"s. Your message will get to my wife when she gets back on Monday!! Vid all weekend!
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