I7 950 temp, is this safe?

i recently got a new case with more fans and better airflow, ive noticed a difference of about 10 degrees is idle which is great:
IDLE: CPU - 45-50 GPU - 30-40

when im playing a demanding game i get these temps:
CPU- 60-72 GPU- 60- 70

i got a i7 950 and a gtx580
all factory clocked.


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  1. Yes, they are actually really great temps. What CPU cooler and which 580 are you using?
  2. Yep they are average, 950's ran hottt
  3. im using a gigabyte 580 and i got a centurion 5 II case and i added 1 fan on the top for the cpu and one on the side for the gpu.... so theres nothing to worry about?
  4. Not at the moment. Unless you plan to OC, you're fine.
  5. ok, now i was playing gta 4 for 10 minutes and my 950 just hit 80.... and my gpu was only 60..
    the load on my cpu peaked about 35% (dont know if that makes a difference)
    im starting to worry because the guy at the place i got my rig built said 70 is pretty dangerous..
    im using the stock cooler.
  6. Stock cooler? Get a CM Hyper Evo or if you really want to go crazy on cooling, a Noctua NH-D14. The Noctua has big heatsink so your scissor RAM heatsink won't fit.

    I heard CM is going to release a new cooler with vapor chambers. Not sure when they'll release it though.
  7. Sounds good but i want to wait until these holidays for my next upgrade. But are the temps im getting dangerous?
  8. actually you are running slightly over t'case which is 67'c if thats stock cooling then you may want to consider a 3rd party cooler

    get realtem/coretemp/hwmonitor to make sure your under the tjmax by a good margin. if the numbers are tight then get some cooling asap...

    first do some cleaning, getting the dust out will help the cooling.
    maybe go into bios and turn down the cpu volts a little. (use cpu-z to see what voltage range you need and set the volts in bios a little higher just so you can boot and are stable) this should reduce your overall temps by as much as 5'c across the board.
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