I am having problems with audio. I can only get sound when I bring up my sound manager and nowhere else. I have just reinstalled windows xp home edition and done it again and I am having sound problems as stated. I have been told I am missing some type of audio mixer and can;t seem to find one. I have Realtek for my audio. It is a bit older but have never had problems like this. anyone that can help I would very much appreciate it. Thanks
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  1. I would download the realtek audio file off their website directly, then uninstall all your audio device drivers in windows control panel or device manager. Then reboot and install the realtek drivers you downloaded. You can also try your motherboard cd which usually comes with an audio file driver or your motherboard website for audio downloads. Windows xp doesn't come with many device drivers; windows 7 has hundreds of device drivers so sometimes you don't even need the motherboard cd.
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