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Hey guys, I'm new to this website and I'd like to ask anyone for brilliant ideas on how I can get internet access. Here's the catch: I do have dsl but I'm not allowed to use it for my computer. What's worse is the computer I'm using the internet with has limited access, I do not have admin access. And this pc is slow (233 MHz?!?!). My computer is ssoooo much faster, better hardware, and is simply amazing. The second catch is that my dsl modem is locked up in an office and I am not allowed to go inside. My dad is really anal with computers, he doesn't want us to play games online, or chat. I on the other hand want to play games, and surf the internet on my computer. Don't get the wrong impression either, I've tried very hard to impress him with good grades and I even offered to pay for internet access with my own money and account. I've tried obtaining cable service but they said that I have to have the tv service and cable service under one account. I tried asking my dad if he can cancel his account for the tv and I'll set up the tv and cable service under my name and pay for both but this guy won't budge. I am absolutely lost I don't know what to do, and I am 20 years old missing out on some awesome online games. Please if there is anybody out there help me.
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  1. You can buy a Router and two 'ethernet cables.'
    The network cable running into the computer with internet access..take that cable, plug it into the switch, run one cable back to the PC and run the other one to your PC.

    Your other option is to buy a switch, 2 cables, do the same thing but you'll have to set up 'internet connection sharing' so that your computer will route through the other computer. If the other computer shuts off though, you lose your internet.

    Those are your two options basically. If you do the router, you plug the DSL modem into the router, branch 2 lines out of that.. one to your computer, one to the other computer..

    I guess you could also do wireless.. buy a Linksys Wireless router.. DSL modem goes into the Wireless router, run a link from that to the old PC, get a wireless adapter for your PC and you should be good to go, no needing to run wires.

    I say hook up the old 233mhz computer so it looks like nothing has changed if anyone looks around..

    But I'm not telling you to do this.. I'm just saying that's how I would do it. :)

    If you're in college you can convince your dad that you need the computer to do research and you need to run programs like Microsoft Word or Visio, or Powerpoint that requires something better to do your work.. and of course you need internet access for research and studying..

    Good luck.. I'd do the wireless thing though.. probably the easier I would say, granted your computer isn't too far from the wireless point and there isn't a lot of walls between the two.

    But by the sounds of your situation, you might be in a bomb shelter with large steel doors blocking you're ability to come and go, meaning wireless won't work. :)


    Oh, if you go the router route.. I'd set your internal IP address range to be the same as your external address range.. if you do an IPCONFIG from a DOS screen, you'll get a number like or something.. You'll want to read the directions and go into the router's settings to change the DHCP address range to match that.. so if your dad looks at the IP, he won't recognize a difference at first.. but that's getting a little into it if you're not really sure how to do this..

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  3. I can't use a router and ethernet cables. My computer is directly 2 floors on top of the old computer. Running cables around is too obvious and impossible. I'd like to create a wireless network. Which linksys wireless router can you suggest? One that fits this situation. One where I can have an ethernet line connected to 233 mhz and gives me wireless signal on my computer. Oh and I've tried every excuse in the book. My dad is very rigid and unconvincable. Ohh and what about using 2 dsl modems???

    Can I use Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router?
  4. ohh and can you connect a router to another router?
  5. You can connect two routers, one needs to have DHCP disabled though.
    If you get the Linksys Wireless G router you mentioned and a wireless card, you'll should be good. You'll want the wireless router in the best position, not the 2 floors away as the signal might be too weak.
    If you can put it on the floor in between, it should work. That is, as long as you're not in a bomb shelter or have a lot of interference with the signal. Once you hook the wireless router up and put the PCI card in your PC, install the software (recommended) you should see some kind of signal strength, or you can get lucky and pick up on the neighbors.

  6. which router has to have the dhcp disabled and how do you do that? And what about the 2 dsl cable modems I mentioned?
  7. ohh yeah..btw my dad has a wired router if i were to connect a wireless router to the wired router, which one has to have dchp disabled? and what about having 2 dsl modems?
  8. You could just buy an AP then and skip the router.. the router hands out DHCP addresses that let you connect to the internet over 1 external (public) ip address.
    The Linksys AP should have a wired switch it also, so you can hook the line from your 233mhz to the AP, then the AP to the 233mhz. Put the wireless adapter, either USB or PCI, in your PC and hope the signal is strong enough to pick up the wireless. If not, you can always return it and go back to the drawing board..
  9. errrfff...I already bought a router...could I use that as a wireless AP?
  10. If it's wireless, yeah.. just disable DHCP..log into the router and turn DHCP off, it'll work as an AP at that point.
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