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AMD Phenom II x4 960ti

hello all,

i've just purchased an and phenom ii x4 960ti, and got it running in my system. everything seems to be good except the extremely loud fan sound. The stock fan on the cpu is very small ( most likely the reason for such noise). So is there a way to replace the cpu fan with a bigger one that would be silent and under 10$?

edit: i dont plan or overclocking. no need for giant 70$ heatsink

any help would be appreciated
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  1. For 10 bucks no, but for 70 dollars you can get a heatsink by noctua which is a company that makes one of the quietest and high performing heatsinks. You can also try unlocking that 960t to a 6 core.
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    if you can go into the bios, you might have options to lower the speed of the fan thus making it quieter. Also you could try something like speedfan to down clock the fans, just keep your temperature below 60C at max load and it will be fine.
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