Trying to get dual monitors working

Just installed Radeon HD5450 and now how do I get my onboard NVidia card to work for a second monitor?
I have my ACER flatpanel on HDMI working on the new card and the vga port gives me a second monitor but I can't access it with the cursor.
I put the VGA monitor back on the original port and I get nothing. I'd like for it to work again with the new card. Is it possible?
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  1. Sorry you cant use the on-board video. On a side note should the HD 5450 have two dvi or hdmi outputs ?
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    connect hdmi and vga both to the 5450. In catalyst control center, select preference>advance view

    then click desktop management>advance display settings

    check detect whenever catalyst control center is open

    After that, you new monitor should be detected. In creating and arranging desktop, right click display number 2 and select extend (you get extra screen space) or duplicate (both screen display same stuff).

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