Is My Motherboard Dead or CPU

650W PSU Generic
Intel Core I3 3.06ghz
4gb Corsair DDR3 RAM
Palit Geforce Gtx550 TI
P8h61-M LE

I Tried reseating everything but computer wont boot no post beep, also i want to know if the motherboard got a builtin on board speakers for beep cause i dont hear beeps. tried removing ram,HDD,vidcard , etc. no beeps fans running motherboard led is on DVD Drive and HDD running. just wont boot no displays

Tried removing videocard too didnt help

EDIT : No Case Speakers. gonna get one tho
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  1. Is this a new build? What brand and model number is your power supply?
  2. clumsy of me no beeps because no case speakers installed.

    but still wont boot. my PSU is 650w and a generic one tho.
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