Ivy Bridge i7 + MoBo Price?

Hey guys, I've got an AMD Phenon II x6 1100t Black Edition processor and want a bit more performance. I also have a Nvidia GTX 570 for my GPU. I've read that in Total War:Shogun 2 (one of my favorite games) the i7 2600k would give around a 30 fps increase! Ivy Bridge is coming soon so how much do you think a similar version would cost? How much would a good MoBo cost to go along with it?
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  1. I really doubt you'll get 30 fps more considering frame rate caps at 60 and you will most likely be close to it with a 1100t. Also the i5 is just as good as the i7 for cheaper, the i5 will be better for games since hyperthreading hurts gaming performance more than it helps.

    Ivybridge is going to be priced same as sandybridge I believe so I'd expect the i7+ decent mobo to come at arround $450+
  2. ~$500 for a decent mobo and the 3770k.
  3. is the 3770k better or worse than the 2600k?
  4. going to be slightly better.
  5. alright, what would you say the performance increase would be for Shogun 2 or ARMA 2?
  6. I would expect to be maybe 10-20% faster.
  7. alright thanks
  8. I do use my computer for 3d modeling/animation, would the i5/i7 have worse rendering performance withought the 6 cores?
  9. The performance is relative, you can always overclock.
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