I just purchased a new mobo, GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 @ .. and I'm getting an i5-3570 K processor. I am not very experienced with mobos so I read somethings about combability with the Ivy Cpu's since it's Z68 or something. Can someone explain to me if it's bad or something and should I change it ? Also differences between Z68 and Z77 ? Thanks
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    For that mobo you'll need to update(flash) the bios for F12 version with a sandybridge cpu or else you'll get a reboot loop with the ivybridge cpu.
    If you don't have a sandy, then get the i5-2500k
  2. I have already bought both the mobo and the i5-3570k .. but can I flash the mobo so it would be compatible with the Ivy that I bought ?
  3. Yes, but you have to put a sandybridge cpu first (i don't know if you have one) and then proceed with the update.
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