Can i connect laserjet 1000 hp printer with windows 7

Hello friends i want a driver for lj 1000 hp printer which is work on windows 7. Please do not advice xp compatible mode i try this it does not work.
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  1. Unfortunately your printer is not supported and does not have any driver options available in the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system:

    For Windows7 you will have to get a new printer. Most computers that support Windows7 do not have a parallel port anyway.
  2. but my gigabyte g41 s2dp already have parallel port
  3. The only way that you will get your printer to work on Windows 7 is to install it on either Microsoft's virtual PC or Virtualbox, if your version of Windows does not support Microsoft's virtual PC. This is not an ideal solution but is a convenient way of being able to use your printer.
  4. Yes frnd i think u r right.
  5. I just had an idea, the printer is a Parallel one so the computer does not know what printer is actually connected to it. Try installing a printer driver for a FX850 or a FX80 or a printer driver that supports PCL 5e emulation.
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