New build - confused

Hi.. this is my first build.

I got the CPU, RAM, and video card in with no problems. I got the motherboard on the standoffs pretty easily and screwed them in. I got the optical drive, HDD, and PSU screw in as well.

I have the Rosewell challenger which has 3 fans, ASUS P8P67 LE P67, and a Corsair HX650w semi modular.

The problem is: I hardly got any help from ALL of the manuals. I'm frustrated. I know where the 24 + 8 pin go, but the rest like fans, LEDs, SATAs, and basically ALL cables except the 24 + 8 pin. I did my best, turned it on and the blue led turned on for a milisecond and shut off, nothing else moved.

If anyone has a rosewill, ASUS P8P67 LE P67, and a hx650w please post a picture of your mobo or if anyone has any help. The manuals are pretty useless and I feel like giving up.

Thanks everyone who reads or helps!
Peace and love :)
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  1. If you check the sticky up top of this section, theres a how-to guide, I'd post link but I'm on the mobile sorry
    There should be a layout guide of the mobo in its manual too, usually in the first couple of pages
    I'll check back once I can get to my pc at home mate
  2. Okay thank you man! I was playing with it a bit and I think I didn't push in the 24 pin hard enough because it would come out fairly easily but when I pushed it in, it took a little effort to get it out. I'm just confused with the SATA and power cables now. Tank you again!
  3. I also have the Rosewill Challenger U3, but a different motherboard and PSU. One of the annoying things about my motherboard (and yours also, I just checked) is that they don't have USB 3.0 internal headers, so you won't be able to use the blue cable from the front of the case that attaches to the blue USB 3.0 ports. That is, unless you don't have the Challenger U3. Then you don't need to worry about USB 3.0. In any case, I was ticked off about that, so I just bought an internal header so I could use those front ports.

    You shouldn't be looking in the case manual for help on where to plug things in, you should mainly focus on the motherboard manual. Usually on the first page there's a list of everything and a key/legend. ASUS is a good brand name company, I'm sure they've got plenty of support, you might just have to search for it.
  4. The manuals are really bad, read that in the reviews.. oops.

    I don't have the connector block thing with my mobo so I just plugged them in accordingly. Hopefully all goes well. I attached some pictures.

    I have a top fan that has connectors with white plastic around them. One is a receiver and one is the connector. Both are 4 pins. Same thing with my front fan.

    Secondly, I have a video card that requies two 5 pins to be plugged in. For each cable there are 2 3 pin connectors. Except all 4 are connectors, not recievers. Do I plug them into the 4 pin power supply recievers (I attached a pic of a black 4 pin reciever that goes into the powersupply.

    So I have a total of 4 3 pin connectors, and 2 4 pin connectors and 2 4 pin receivers.

    The manual for my mobo was MIA so I'm doing this all by guessing. When I powered it up last night, a fan or two came on in the front and that's it. I do remember the 24 pin thing came out pretty easily when i pulled it and when I checked it a few minutes ago it snapped in and takes a bit to take out. I think that might of been the problem, I sure hope my PSU isn't bad.

    For the HDD and OPTICAL drive, I connected them directly to the PSU with a modular cable. I then got a white SATA cable for each of them and put them into the 2 white ones at the bottom of the mobo. Is this right?

    I put my GPU in the PCI x16 express slot closest to the CPU? Is this right?

    That's all I have for now, thank you for all your help man.
  5. I'm doing this from mobile so may be short answer, first pic, those white blocks are referred to as molex plugs, onemale and one female is referred to as a 'passthrough' this means you can link several together from one plug off the psu, daisychaining them

    pic 2 is same as pic one?
    And pic 3 is a molex from the psu,
    Gfx card right slot yes
    Hdd and optic fine
    Mobo manual, manf's website should have pdf for download or google
    You only need one connection per fan btw, dont try plugging both connectors in,
    As I said in first reply though, check the how-to in the sticky, it will give you a good visual aid
    Ow..... Copy and paste on my phone is a pita :-)
    Section four is your friend, and three for any further no boot issues :-)
  7. Okay, thank you for your help. I got everything in.. and *click*.. nothing.. nothing nothing.

    After 10 minutes of trying.. I just gave up, it's DOA. Luckily Corsair gots a nice warranty, see you in 2 weeks :(
  8. Are you sure its the psu?
    If you have another, a known good unit, you can test the rest of the gear using that one
  9. Hey guys, the PSU magically works now. Avoided an RMA, I installed windows 7 x64 bit ultimate and installing BF3 now. LAst night when I was on my 32 bit version of w7, my whole system would freeze and I'd have to manually powerdown. I installed the latest drivers..

    I'm gonna finish installing BF3, update ALL of my drivers and then give it a go.

    Thanks 4 the help.
  10. Glad to hear some good news for you man,
  11. I wouldn't be quick to blame a problem with a fist build on a DOA part.

    Obviously, for people that come in here with problems it is more likely that something is DOA, but the odds of a DOA are pretty slim in my experience.

    Less than 5% for a whole build if you didn't static shock your own parts on accident.

    I know it can be frustrating to do this sort of thing, especially the first time through, but the people here like moto can get most things going if you give them long enough.

    I am glad you got everything going lord-ghan.
  12. Not DOA, system is up and running, forgot to update you guys. No idea what I did wrong
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