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Can we update usb 2 0 to usb 3 0 of a dell laptop

Last response: in Components
February 1, 2012 5:20:55 AM

I hav a Dell laptop with USB 2.0 in it. Can it be updated to usb 3.0 AS i WANT GREATER SPEED WHILE COPYING DATA
February 1, 2012 6:47:17 AM

no. Also usb 3.0 isn't going to give you more speed while copying data unless the devices are all usb 3.0 compliant.
February 1, 2012 7:04:09 AM

Upgrading to USB 3.0 would require a whole new motherboard. With laptops this get incredible fiddly and is easier just to purchase a new laptop with the required number of USB 3.0 ports.

As 'esrever' said, the device your transferring data to would also need to be USB 3.0 compliant to make use of the extra speed the port can offer.
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June 8, 2012 3:45:59 PM

My name is Ajit Singh and i work for dell social media and community.

I am afraid a USB 2.0 cannot be upgraded to USB 3.0. First you need a motherboard which can support USB 3.0 to get the maximum out of it and secondly both the receiver device and sending device should be on USB specification. One more point is, if you check connector on USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 they are different, so if you will try to connect a USB 3.0 cable on USB 2. 0 port it will not fit.

So it is a must to get a new system which is already configured to USB 3.0.

Ajit Singh