Quick and easy build, under $300

Just got done doing a CHEAP budget build after the old store bought HP desktop with Anthlon II X2 4800+ died and at a bad time money wise too. I figured I would try to save a few bucks and started looking at parts. Probably could have got cheaper, but it had to be done fast, so got everything from Microcenter, which is close by.

Went with:
MSI 880GM-E43 motherboard $89.99 - $20.00 rebate = $69.99
4Gigs (2X2 GIG) of Kingston Hyper-X DDR3-1333 CL9 memory $34.99
AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2 GHz boxed (wanted to go bigger, but $$$ is tight) $59.99
Logisys 575W PSU (was got to check if the PSU was bad in the HP before) $39.99
AzzA Toledo 301 mid tower case (scratched side panel opened boxed deal) $41.96 - $10.00 rebate = $31.96

For a total of $266.92 + TAX = $287.61 - $30.00 rebates = $257.61

Re-used (2) 500 GIG SATA Seagate HDD’s, a SATA DVD –R/RW light scribe drive. Got everything together, booted right up, did fresh install of Win 7 Pro 32, updated MSI BIOS and drivers, re-installed software and did the updates.

Ran Prime95 for 2HRS 45 MIN with 0 errors, 0 warnings and this is what CPUID showed for temps.


Tempin0 18C 46C

Tempin1 27C 35C

Core #0 13C 44C

Core #1 13C 44C

Core #2 13C 44C

Core #3 13C 44C

Assembly 33C 34C
Air Flow 33C 34C

Assembly 35C 36C
Air Flow 35C 36C

I could play around with it some more and try to get them down some more (add another fan or two, better HSF), but for right now, just running stock, they look OK to me, the 840 is rated up to 77C max.

After reading many of the posts about temperatures, I thought I would see what everyone else thinks about them.
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  1. your temps are fine
    at a bout 60C its worth adding more cooling
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