Starting new PC , looking for the best performance/costs

Hello guys, after reading the common problems on ASrock Z77 extreme4 + the lack of tech support they offer,
i've decided that i'm going to need some help, since i'm going to build a system bases on that Mobo.

so, i sold my q6600 3Ghzx4 Oc 1333fsb, 8gb ddr3 kingston 1333 7.7.7, Dell MB with pinmode OC
and a Sapphire Hd4730 512 ddr5- 128 bit(which served me honorably) with absolutely no problems , for 333 euros

Now about the new PC i'd want to buy:

Case: Antec three hundred (i don't need the v2 one , just for a frontal usb 3.0)
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty Series 550W (if available) or Enermax NAXN 500W(model:ENP500AGT)
MB: ASrock Z77 extreme4 (much to talk about this)
Cpu: i5 3570k
Ram: Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB DDR3 1866 MHz CL9 1xDual Channel Kit (would buy another kit when cash is available)
SSD: already have a 256 Gb samsung 3Gb/s
Gpu: decided on Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 OC 2GB DDR5 128-bit(model:GV-N650OC-2GI)
OS: win7 x64 (i'm not curious about win8)

So basically i'm worried about MB and Ram mostly, i used to have problems on an old PC Asus P5L VM 1394 where it couldn't run 4x512 kingston
ram without errors and i ended up buy buying 2x2gb from Kingmax, solving the issue,
I still wonder this day what was the problem, faulty ddr2 slots,mobo or ram.

Back to our New i5 z77 build;

it seems that many ppl encountered problems with the asrock z77 extreme4 like Bios screw-ups when trying to update it
, or switching from integrated Gpu to Dedicated pcie 3.0 , So i need your thoughts on these two problems, Also, do i lose warranty if i OC ?
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  1. Ok, so a few thoughts.

    1. Older Asus's especially used to be very RAM sensitive, and were temperamental when you put 4 sticks of RAM in. They are much better now, and it was mostly an Asus problem. The new platforms don't really have this problem.

    2. There is no reason to disable the IGPU. If you have a dedicated GPU installed, and you have your monitor plugged into it, it will use it. No need to go into the BIOS to try and shut the other off.

    3. I believe most of the BIOS corruptions were caused by attempting to update the BIOS from when inside of windows or some other tool. You should ALWAYS upgrade the BIOS by downloading the file to a flash drive, and installing the update from within the BIOS.

    4. OCing does not void the MB warranty, but it can void the CPU warranty.
  2. what you say, makes sense .
    @ 4. the Cpu is the only part that will be second hand, so since i'm going to do some OCing and lose the warranty , i might as well get it cheaper , right ?

    now, about Ram if the above components would be yours, would you pick 1600, 1866,2000, or 2133 ram, and 1,5 1,6 or 1,65 V ones ? 9-9-9 , 9-11-9 , 11-11-11 timings ?
  3. That's a hard questions, since OCing the RAM does almost nothing for performance. But even if I didn't OC it, I would want the headroom, so either 2133 or 1866.

    1.5V for sure

    I would go for 9-9-9, but it probably isn't available in the higher speeds, so whatever the lowest times are that are available and in budget.
  4. would these do ?

    ehmm.. they say quad channel , do they mean double dual channel ?
  5. Yes, that is a solid kit.

    They are advertising it as a quad channel kit for the X79 platform.

    You can use it in your rig as dual channel with no problem.
  6. Looks good!
  7. Yep, everything looks great!
  8. itzdanielp said:
    Yep, everything looks great!

    got the package
    alright , everything seems to be working fine :D thanks
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