GTX580 fan speeds?

Hi all,
I just installed my new GTX580 and would like to know how to set fan profiles for general internet browsing and gaming as they are constantly at 100% and noisy, I don't mind while gaming because I wear my headset but my missus is stressing me out when she watches TV in the same room. Basically, I would like to lower the fan speeds when not gaming but not sure how to do this.
I have Asus GPU Tweak installed but not sure how to correctly set profiles.

Look forward to any replies.
Thank you.

BTW, the fan speed option in MSI Afterburner is greyed out so not possible to use that software!

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  1. generaly you will have to go to settings then to the fan tab and enable user defined settings, this should bring up a graph to allow you to alter the fan speed for different speeds so can have it low speed on iddle and turn fan speed up when it gets hot due to gaming or something. this should work for msi afterburner. i do not use asus tweaker but looks like you just need to click "user define"
  2. There is something wrong, your card should not be running at full 100% fan speeds when at idle or surfing the web. Are you sure that you have "Auto" fan enabled?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I cannot see the option to have "Auto" fan enabled?
  4. On that screenshot, it looks like you click the Auto button beneath the fan speed readout. Either that, or you can just hit reset to reset the defaults. After that, you need to go into the manual settings to find something else to get your fan speeds down aroun 40% or 50%.
  5. When I click on either AUTO or MANUAL, I get the option the SAVE, I then choose a profile number to assign it to followed by the option to BURN. What does BURN do?
    Nothing that I do is reducing the fan speeds and I believe this will harm my expensive gfx card prematurely!
    Please, please can someone show me an easy walk-through on how to lower the fans speeds?

    Thank you.

  6. Give the latest beta version of Afterburner a try and see if you have the option to just hit the "Reset" button at the bottom.

    After that, I would thoroughly search through whatever software you are using to find the right setting. Either it is there and just needs to be found, or there is a defect in your card. Sorry, I do not use GPU Tweak, but it looks very much like Afterburner. BURN sounds like it is asking your permission to BURN or save the setting to the selected profile.
  7. SORTED.

    After posting on numerous forums I have now been told what the situation is. There is a big red button on the gfx card that enables the fans to run at 100% constantly, all I had to do was press and Hey Presto !!!!

    Why oh why don't these components come with full instructions? Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.

    Thanks to everyone who replied and tried to help me out. Its very much appreciated.

  8. Oh yeah, I knew about that button, but it didn't occur to me. Glad you got it figured out.
  9. I was waiting for one of those replies....
  10. I had the same problem for a while untill i figured out what that button actually did :P
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