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I am updating my pc and have updated the bios, graphics card and other drivers. I would like to update my motherboards chipset but am a bit confused with the options on nvidias site.

I have an Asus Striker Extreme with an nForce 680i sli chipset. To download an update nvidia asked what operating system I am running.

Depending on what I select in the dropdown I get a different update.

I am currently running xp but will be installing windows 7 soon. i would like to update the chipset to do a benchmark test before upgrading to windows 7.

My question is: Can I still run windows xp 32bit on the windows 7 64bit chipset update from nvidia?
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  1. once you do the win 7 update with win 7 home edition, you can always install an XP virtual machine if you have the original xp disc. If you go for win 7 pro or ultimatr you can download the xp add on from microsoft. I have home edition and have had no problems running VMware on it. I havent had any win95/98 or xp software fail to load and run.
  2. I think you misunderstood my question. I don't want to run XP on Windows 7.

    I want to update my MoBo chipset to the latest possible firmware but when selecting an update on the nvidia site I get a 2011 chipset if I choose Windows 7 and a 2009 update if I choose windows XP.

    What I want to know is, can I update the chipset to the 2011 version and still run XP on my machine.

    I assume it doesnt matter and that I could if I wanted to run linux or any other OS.
    Am I right in assuming that the windows 7 chipset just adds support for windows 7 features?
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