8gb (2400mhz) vs 16gb (1886mhz) - which one?

So I'm working on updating my gaming rig that I use pretty much for gaming, I may do they odd video editing here and there - but it's still used almost all the time for gaming

I want to play all the latest games maxed out a a solid 60fps (including the upcoming Crysis 3), I've got my hardware figured out except for my ram.

I want to know, for gaming...
Would 8gb (2400mhz - 2x4) be best, or 16gb (1886mhz - 2x8).

Thanks in advance for any responses
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  1. Go for 2x4gB 2400mhz card.
    They will definitely be faster than 1866mhz also if you only use it for gaming then 8gB is enough.

    Just make sure your motherboard supports 2400mhz.
    Also To run crysis 3 at 60fps you need a blazing fast gpu and also an ssd.
  2. Yes, My upgrade is going to be

    Intel core i7 3770k, Corsair H100 cooler, Asus hd7970 matrix platinum edition and so far the 8gb of ram
  3. for gaming on a sandy/ivy cpu, getting anything faster than 1600 will have diminishing returns; the difference only when benchmarking.

    LGA1155 Memory Gaming Performance

    DDR3 SDRAM for Sandy Bridge: Choosing the Best Memory for LGA1155 Platform.

    Sandy Bridge Memory Scaling: Choosing the Best DDR3

    a lower latency value, such as CL7 as opposed to CL9 will make a much larger difference.
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