Which ddr ram can I buy safely please?

I have the following:
Dell Dimension 1300 with 2 slots which are 512mb

What ddr2 memory can I safely put in it please to upgrade


ps I am being forced to select a motherboard in sub category (please ignore that)
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More about which safely please
  1. you have a notebook so I don't know why it says pc5300 DDR2......... thought it would be notebook memory... SO-Dimm...... the link has some kind of scanner ( in blue print in the left column )........ maybe that will help you ?

  2. Thanks but is not a notebook it's a desktop
  3. post a link. i found a laptop.
  4. a link to what?

    it's a small tower with dimension 3100 just below top of case and above dvd drive.

    here is an ebay link for ones for sale

    swifty_morgan said:
    post a link. i found a laptop.
  5. Sorry swifty my bloody typing It's a 3100 NOT a 1300 sorry
  6. in that link you provided there's some memory listed..................... PC2 4200........... ??

    aren't there any stickers on the ram that's in your case now ? should be information on the stickers.
  7. yeah just the info posted in starter post (as in ddr2 pc2 5300)

    using the link you posted I have searched and it has a 2 gig stick for £25 (also found same at pc world so thanks again.
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