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I want to know how to use two routers with one Netzero dsl modem
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  1. All depends on your modem, most will only assign one DHCP address.

    You can try Modem > hub/switch uplink > 2 routers.
  2. what are you trying to accomplish?
  3. I live at my boyrfriend's and the router and modem are behind two doors and I keep losing connection so I was hoping to use the extra router that we have to get a better signal in our room. We currently have Netzero DSL
  4. what make, model, and version is that router?
  5. Ok I currently have my Belkin N F5D8236 v4, but I also have a Linksys WRT160N the Belkin was way easier to set-up the Linksys is a pain but I was hoping to use it anyways.
  6. the Belkin cannot be converted; however, there is a chance that you could convert your Linksys to a Bridge Repeater as long it is not a WRT160N v2.0.

    you can find the instructions and firmware for the conversion here.

  7. It's not it's a v3, everytime I try to get it going it kicks me off the Internet and I only have access to Local. Can't I make the Belkin (2) things an access point or wireless?
  8. OK i'm confused what does this link do? If I do this will the router pretty much be bricked if it doesn't work?
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