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CPU Upgrade Options - Studio XPS 7100

This is a follow-up post to an earlier thread I authored on upgrade paths for my XPS 7100. It's currently running a Phenom x6 1045T, which as I understand things is a 95W CPU. Deeper research revealed that my upgrade path is limited to 95W processors. Knowing this, I discovered that the fastest 95W x6 processor is a 1055T -- after that the six cores require 125W. I have two questions.

1) Is it the case that I am limited to the 1055t if retaining the six core option, and

2) This is an AM3 socket, so can I use a different processor type (x4?), and if so, what is truly the fastest processor I can upgrade to with this system, without doing crazy things like a motherboard upgrade?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys might have!

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  1. Hello osu cowboy;

    Fastest ... doing what? What 'problem' are you wanting to fix?

    The x6 1045T - 1055T (or 1100T for that matter) is a 'sideways upgrade' and really isn't going to give you a performance boost that would make the cost and labor worthwhile.
  2. Have you already upgraded the GPU to the HD 6850 mentioned in your first thread?
  3. Thanks for both your replies. To answer the first question, I'm trying to understand what my CPU upgrade options are. From my research I understand that I am limited to 95W processors, but can't determine if this limitation applies to six core processors only, or can I get a faster four core that would work. I just want to know what the absolute fastest processor I can get with this system, irrespective of cores.

    With regard to the second post, the 6850 is on the way!

    Thanks again guys. For some reason I am finding it exceedingly difficult to figure out the CPU question. I guess this may be more complicated that I guessed.
  4. You didn't really answer my questions.
    We're trying to figure out why you think switching from a 2.7Ghz to 2.8Ghz CPU (or 3.2Ghz for that matter) is going to be an improvement.

    It's actually not that complicated. Options: 95W CPUs are the MAX TDP officially supported CPU and that includes Phenom II X4/X2 models.

    AMD Phenom II X2 565 Callisto 3.4GHz
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    Here is a comparison of the benchmark performance for Phenom II X2 565 BE 3.4GHz vs Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz . Your own X6 1045T 2.7GHz would be just a bit under the 1055T.
  6. I apologize. I realize I never really did answer you fully. Multipurpose usage, I suppose. I do dispersion modeling, which is based primarily on clock cycles, so I assume going from a two core 3.4GHz option from a six core 2.7GHz option would be a decent improvement. And secondly, I would like to possibly do some gaming. Nothing terribly serious, game-wise.

    So it appears the end of my upgrade path would involve an AMD Phenom II X2 565 Callisto 3.4GHz.

    You have provided me with exactly what I needed to know. My thanks for your time!

  7. I see what you mean...any CPU upgrade on this particular machine wouldn't be worth the money. The comparison link you provided made that very clear. It is obvious now my best option would be to overclock and pop in the 6850. Thanks again.
  8. I make it out to be spending $100 to get a ~7% percent improvement.
    That's based on the performance delta on the Cinebench R10 single threaded benchmark in the comparison link I posted.
  9. OSU Cowboy said:
    It is obvious now my best option would be to overclock and pop in the 6850. Thanks again.
    I think that's the best course overall.
    Such a small improvement in one area vs the cost is not something I'd feel good about recommending.
  10. Yes, very minor improvement. I'm beginning to understand why people in the know tend to build their own systems. You've taught me more in the last four posts than I learned from about an hour of Google searches.

    Is there any particular reason you don't recommend the 6870 over the 6850? I'm guessing it either has something to do with my PSU, or the cost/benefit situation I'm running into with the CPU. I noticed the 6870 didn't have a dramatic performance increase over the 6850.
  11. What resolution is your monitor?
    That could influence the 6850/6870 choice, maybe even more than the power supply.
  12. I'm not at my home PC at the's a Dell 23" running at whatever the default resolution is. I'm sorry, I don't know off the top of my head what it is. I'll check and repost.

    Have a great day!
  13. More than likely it's the standard 1920x1080 full HD resolution.
    Maybe a Dell ST2320L 23-inch model that was in some of the Dell Studio XPS 7100 bundles.
    If you're a casual gamer you should be happy with that HD 6850 you have on the way.

    THG article: Best Graphics Cards For The Money: January 2012
    describes in general terms how the suggested cards perform.
    for example:
    Best Card For $150: Radeon HD 6850 - Good 1920x1200 performance in most games
    Best Card For ~$185: Radeon HD 6870 - Great 1920x1200 performance, 2560x1600 in most games with lowered detail

    Also, the size of the card and it's ability to fit in the case and the ability of the PSU to meet the higher power requirements need to be considered.
  14. Yes, that sounds like the correct monitor. Thank you so much for your time!

  15. Sorry to annoy, but I do have another question. On average, what percent gain can one expect to safely achieve by overclocking? This is for the 1045t referenced above. I've never done it and frankly I'm not sure it is worth my efforts to figure it out. Thanks in advance.

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