Chge mobo with different Chipset & processor, OS installation Require?

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I am going to swap motherboard(Advance Processor and Chipset) by retaining Hard Drive. Will my currect OS boot from IDE hard drive. I am confuse that I am not going to get same CHipset in newer mobo. Or I have to find similar board which has same chipset to boot OS without reinstallation?
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  1. Have the windows cd handy. Chances are you'll need it. I got lucky and didn't need it when I changed from amd to Intel, but your windows installation may crash. You have to change boards anyway; no point in getting a board with the same chipset. As long as you have a windows coa on your case, you can purchase a windows dvd off craigslist for around $20; the dell windows installation cd's will also work. Good luck.
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