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i have a problem last month i upgrade my ram from 512 ddr2-533mhz to 2G ddr2-800mhz and my computer work well by just only 2g ram and i buy another one same value and manufacturer but i can't boot every time i start i have beep sound error in my first attempt error say"the file is possibly corrupt.the file header checksum does not match the computed checksum." i also try to run each ram and and i still have error in my last one but the old one is good,i running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit ,mother board is asus p5nd2-sli
i also try to run in windows xp to find out if my new ram is not good but it can boot no problem, now im running only 2 g ram using win7 but i can't say my new ram is NG or my mother board either, im hoping someone can help me out because it's a waste of money if my new ram can't use
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  1. You may need to re-install Windows 7 or do a repair install after adding that ram. If you don't want to do that try this.

    Try each stick by itself in each slot. If one of your slots is bad you must return the motherboard. Run Memtest86 from a CD and let it go several passes. This will take a while but is the best way to make sure.
  2. i already did what you said i try re installing win 7 using 4g of memory but i cant proceed to the process it keeps my system from restarting my mother board manual say's this board can upgrade up to start up of bios the 4gig of ram detected but im puzzle why my system can't start using 4 gig,
  3. Try updating your bios.

    Since XP is running and only with windows 7 you are facing the problems there may be a chance that your hard drive On which you have installed windows 7 is installed is corrupted (if you installed xp on other drive)

    Check the ram settings are set correctly.
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