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:o just checked my HD's ssd is almost full and the spinpoint is completely do i get the spinpoint working? :(
this is my first build with more than 1 hd, i really don't know squat about i missing something basic? or in the bios..or what? i have no clue.
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  1. no suggestions? i really need some input guys...
  2. I'm trying to figure out what the subject of the thread has to do with the body.... Regardless... if your 'spinpoint' is plugged into your motherboard, it should be showing up in your list of hard drives. (My Computer > C: and D: drives)

    Just drag items you don't need stored on your SSD onto your Spinpoint to free up space. You can even reinstall programs to that drive if need be.
  3. Yeah. Also search google for SSD optimization and/or similar queries, they will help you disable unnecessary features. Check your disk cleanup for the system drive, temporary files and other stuff tend to bloat. However, do not defrag!
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    ^+1 for starters. Does it show up in my computer?
    After you have done that you can uninstall some of the programs and reinstall them on the spinpoint, aka hdd. During installation of the programs it asks you where you want to install the programs, default is C -program files usually, so during installation, pick which ever drive letter pertains to your hdd. Depending on when you installed it, plugged the hdd in, and how many cd/dvd drives you have installed, it could be D, E, F or G ect... Find it, put a folder in it called something like "stuff" or "paint" or even program files 2 if you like, then, during installation choose that location, ie G - stuff or G - paint and the program will be installed there. If a shortcut isn't automatically put on your desktop you can open the folder and right click on the .exe file and select send to desktop as shortcut. Shortcuts can be put on the desktop and run normally, they are only 1kb in size.
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