Is this a VGA problem?

Hey Guys,

Im trying to fix a computer that appears to have a broken on-board VGA connector. But I tried installing a graphics card to bypass this and the PC still wont Boot. It turns on but no display. Have tried swapping the RAM and disconnecting everything but the RAM and CPU and still nothing. Could this be that the PC is still trying to use the on-board VGA and if so is there anyway to force it to use the Graphics card?

Cheers :)
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  1. When a GPU is connected to the PCIe / AGP slot the system should automatically switch over to it, unless PCIe graphics are totally disabled in the BIOS.

    You can do a Clear_CMOS either by jumper or by taking the battery on the MB out for a few seconds. This will revert the BIOS back to the default settings.

    It is very possible that when the VGA connector was broken that it shorted something in the system though.

    Also, be careful with the reset_cmos option, especially if you have a RAID setup, as it will destroy the data.
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