Asrock h77 pro4/mvp

I'm having a asrock h77 pro4/mvp motherboard. Can u tell me that "G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 8 GB (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL) ram is compatible with this board if not plz tell me right one in 8gb.
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  1. Yes, it is compatible :)

    But it is not in the list of compatible memory on the asrock website. Is the model id of ram matters or not.
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    The compatible memory list is just a list that ASRock has physically plugged in and tested.

    The RAM kit you are looking at is the same specifications as other kits that are on the QVL, and G-Skill is a solid brand. There is no reason it shouldn't work.
  4. thank you...u lowered my stress.
  5. No problem :)
  6. By the way...

    If you are looking for 8GB total, it is better to buy 2 x 4GB sticks, since the system will run in Dual Channel mode.

    It is always best to get 2 or 4 MATCHING sticks of RAM and install them, instead of a single stick.
  7. thank you for ur answer i'll buy 2 sticks instead of 1.
    I'm buying
    Intel core i5 3570
    Asrock h77 pro4/mvp
    G.skill Ripjaws X DDR3 8GB
    ZOTAC NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti AMP! Edition 2GB
    Seasonic S12II 620 Watts PSU

    What u think power supply is enough ....and will this system play today games (2012-13) or not?
  8. Yes, that power supply is fine. It is a very good one.

    You shouldn't have any problems at all playing most current games. And you can always put another GTX 650 in the system in SLI if you need a boost later.
  9. Thank u for ur answers.....ok.
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