Windows 7 experience index scores low?

hey guys so after like two months of trouble i finally got my new rig up and running. got windows 7 home premium 64 bit installed. i noticed my experience index scores hadnt changed much from my old computer. iknow the scores have nothing to do with real world performance but just curious why they wouldnt change much. the only thing that really changed was my hard drive. idk, was just expecting the cpu to be like 7.6 and the cpu to be like a 7.4 or so.

old computer:
amd phenom 9850 2.5 Ghz
7gb ddr2 CL 7 667mhz
nvidia gt 430 1gb ddr3 gpu.
600 watt psu.
corsair h50 water cooler.

WEI score:
cpu: 7.1
ram: 7.3
graphics: 6.7
gaming graphics: 6.7
hard drive: 5.9

new computer.
intel i5 2500k
8gb ddr3 CL 9 1600 Mhz
nvidia gtx 570
750 watt psu,
asrock extreme4 gen3 mobo.
ocz vertex 3 ssd

WEI score:

cpu: 7.2
ram: 7.3
graphics: 7
gaming graphics: 7
hard drive: 7.7
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  1. They do seem a bit low. Did you overclock yet?
  2. FinneousPJ said:
    They do seem a bit low. Did you overclock yet?

    no not yet, im waiting for my coolermaster 212 cooler to get here before i do that.
    lol it was just weird to see that not much had change when my new computer is WAY better than may old one
  3. You can view my config on the left. Here are my scores:

    CPU 7.6
    RAM 7.7
    GFX 7.9
    Gaming GFX 7.9
    HDD 6.2 :(

    Yours should be about equal, and better when overclocked.
  4. Heh yeah post your 3DMarks and let's measure our penises :D
  5. ok, so i updated to sp1 on windows 7.. but i swear i did that so long ago... re rated my system and heres what i got.

    cpu: 7.6
    ram 7.6
    GFX: 7.9
    gaming: 7.8
    storage: 7.7
    so im not sure why that would have made a difference.
    also just wondering how you overclock ram? and if it actually makes any difference
  6. Now it's looking more reasonable :)
  7. Here's mine-only just built it and it's my first build :) can't print the screen on to here though for some reason :/

    CPU: Intel i5 2500K running at 3.3ghz===rated 7.5

    RAM:8GB g-Skill Ripjaws X===rated 7.8

    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6800===rated 7.7

    Gaming Graphics:4845MB total available graphics memory===rated 7.7

    Primary Hard Disk: OCZ VERTEX 3 SSD 35GB Free (56GB Total)===rated 7.9


    We used similar spec. but mine has come out higher? I followed this (see link below) so it may help boost your score :)
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