E5700 for SWTOR?

Hello, I want to play SWTOR ,but I don't know if my computer helps me
I have a computer with intel e5700 dual core(cpu) and I am thinking of buying a radeon 6870 or gtx 460 .could you give me a suggestion?is the cpu ok, or do I have to upgrade[:(]? Finally, will the video cards do something or will it begarbage money?
thank for your time
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  1. The simple answer is that if you upgrade to a good Video card like the Radeon 6870 or the GTX 460 you will have a good enough of a system to play SWTOR. Now the Intel® Pentium® e5700 may limit some of the performance that you would get from the video card since it is an older CPU with a low FSB (only 800MHz) but it shouldnt stop you from playing at all.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. If you want to buy 6870 or gtx460 then you must upgrade to new cpu if you can. E5700 will bottleneck these card heavily. I overclock my E5400 cpu to 3.6ghz to reduce bottleneck which same chip like your, except clock speed. I am using radeon 6770.

    i5-2500K is a good choice for gaming. Get it if you can afford. Even if you overclock your cpu then it will not reduce bottleneck that much. So upgrading to a new cpu will be better. But you can still enjoy playing SWTOR as IntelEnthusiast say.
  3. thank you guy0s fot your response
    between the 2 gpu what should I chose you think?
    ati or nvidipa? :bounce: :bounce:
  4. aris27 said:
    thank you guy0s fot your response
    between the 2 gpu what should I chose you think?
    ati or nvidipa? :bounce: :bounce:

    ATI Radeon HD 6870.
  5. I'm in a similar situation, Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU w/HD5750 GPU on Vista, playing 1680/1050 res. I'd rather not upgrade my socket 775 mb yet - would moving to a quad core like the Q8400 or Q9400 make much difference playing SWTOR? Or would I be better off just OC'ing this 6750 until I can afford to upgrade to Sandy Bridge?
  6. @ aris27...Of course ati 6870.

    @ magellan55....Quad core will give you much better frame rate but your cpu is sufficient for this game. Check the link below for SWTOR cpu benchmark.


    From the link:
    Performance seems to scale with up to four threads, but a dual-core 3.0 GHz Phenom II X2 still performs smoothly. The lesson here is that any quad-core CPU, or any dual-core CPU faster than 2.5 GHz should be sufficient to run Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    You can oc until you afford a sandy bridge cpu if you wish. You will get some improvement.
  7. Thanks! OC'd to 3.2GHz/400 FSB and can now get through melees without any stutter. CoreTemps stay under 68 and idle is 35 (had to turn on a side fan to get these). I might tweak the clock some more, but that would OC my 800MHz ram as well. hopefully I can get to 3.4GHz, and then I'll play with OC'ing video.
  8. Lower memory speed less then or equal to 800mhz.
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