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I'm using an intel Dx58so motherboard with a single SSD and a single storage drive.

My bios has been set to the RAID chipset sata mode because I used to have an SSD and a RAID5 storage array.

My question is, now that i am not running a RAID, is there any benefit to switching over to AHCI or IDE mode? Would my comp post faster in either of the alternative settings?
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    Ahci is a subset of raid, in other words if your ssd/hdd is not in a raid, they are in ahci with raid being set. Switching to ahci may help if your pc shows a raid screen when starting. With it off, it shouldn't go to that screen but that is only a second or so. Switching between ide and ahci may cause boot issues where you would then need to change it back.
  2. thanks I'll try AHCI to avoid the RAID post and if that doesn't load up I'll know why. Thank you.
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  4. I had to stay in RAID, AHCI would start loading windows and BSOD. Thanks for the help.
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