Nvidia 240 GT Graphics Problem

I am having problems with my graphics card when i play games. I get blocky pixels and weird shapes when i play games.... It is fine outside of the game(windows 7), except sometimes only firefox becomes like that...

Call of duty: Black Ops (Look at rainbow)

League of Legends(Only when i select a unit)

What i tried:
Use the latest and the previous Nvidia drivers
Re-seat my 240 GT
Monitor temps doesn't seem to be overheating

Could this be not enough power?

300 watt PSU
240 GT gDDR5
1 x Sata HD
2 x 2gb DDR3
1 X pciex1 network card
Moniter resolution: 1024 x 768

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  1. help?
  2. 300 w psu is kind of weak.. but I doubt that's the issue going on here. It could be the memory on your GFX card is going bad. You might have to RMA it. I had a EVGA gt 240 once, kept getting artifacts in videos, and browsing the web, took it back and switched it for a gt240.. things were solved but the noise was so unbearable..
  3. pny
  4. dud i recomend first use hmonitor to see if your pc is overheating then if you are using 285 drivers unintall them and intall the 280 drivers and you shouldnt see any more bugs if it is software realted but if it is hardware realed you will have to take it to the engenier to fix it or return it and trade for a new one
  5. Ya I had to uninstall the 285 drivers back to the 280. It caused all kinds of problems and I use 2x GTX550 Ti. I had a GT 220 with a 3i cpu and my psu was 300w. Just playing Total war games I would over heat and cause all kinds of problems. I switch to a GT 430 on my old computer and now it works fine on the old games. The rig that I am on now never over heats at all. The GT 430 you can get for 50.00 or so. This is just my two cents worth good luck.
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