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So I just put together the PC in my sig and as soon as you apply power there is a high pitched squeal. Everything works perfectly fine (that I can test) and I've done a Prime95 test to make sure the fans kicked up in speed automatically and to check my max temperature (~27C over ambient).

So, is it the A) ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 or B) the i5-2500k?

I'm positive it is one of the two since I completely removed or replaced every other component including the PSU. (I have no donor CPUs and don't know anyone who has one)

In my mind I don't see how the CPU can squeal so loud, but I can understand if there is a problem with the capacitors or VRMs on the motherboard. I don't want to waste money sending back the wrong component, so what do you think?
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  1. could you post a copy of that sound
  2. I'd say it's the mobo (probably VRMs), never heard of a CPU squealing.
  3. no overclocking. The noise happened the very first time I turned the computer on. Since then I've only adjusted fan and storage settings. I installed everything on my HDD and I'm not going to overclock until the system is running properly at stock speeds.

    here is a video. I filtered out the low pitch noises below 5kHz because my neighbor was mowing and the rest appears to be background noise. The noise isn't very loud, but it is annoying. The video was taken with the computer off (PSU powered on) because otherwise all you can hear is fans on the recording. You can hear the squeal when the PC and fans are on, but the camera just doesn't pick it up. I don't have better audio recording equipment.

    link since I can't seem to get it to embed - http://youtu.be/PVXM_0JCkF0
  4. on 3dgameman he talk about a leaking capacitor,rma board
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