E-mail confirmation & Best answer

1.How to confirm my e-mail for tomshardware??

I got activation link while I joined and activated that link.
But I didn't got 50 points for confirming my e-mail. is there any special procedure for that?
Please specify.

2. I don't know how to add that "SELECT AS BEST ANSWER BUTTON" to my replies??
I got some replies for my questions, some has this options, some not? how to enable/add this function???

I know my questions are silly, Sorry for that. :(

Please help
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  1. Hello,

    As for your second question, the original poster will see that button and have the opportunity to select it as a best answer. You won't see it because you cannot select your own answer as a best answer.

    Here are the instructions to resend your confirmation e-mail:

    1. Go to and click log out in the upper right (if you are logged in)

    2. In the upper right click Sign In

    3. A window will pop up. In that window, click the link that says "You did not receive the confirmation email?"

    4. Input your e-mail address, and the confirmation e-mail should be resent.

    If this still does not work, please try creating your account with an alternative e-mail.

    Thank You,
  2. Thanks for advice!

    1.An confirmation mail i got at first time itself. I activated thru that mail.
    But I didn't got 50 points for confirming my e-mail. ( only 50 points added for creating account for me, rest points i got thru posts and replies only).That is my problem ;)
    I changed my mail address and activated again. STILL NO 50 POINTS ADDED :(.

    2. That's ok. But the discussions I started, should show other's answer with "SELECT AS BEST ANSWER BUTTON". Am I right??
    My reply to others should show "SELECT AS BEST ANSWER BUTTON" to them.
    i know that sir.

    For your rply itself I'm not getting "SELECT AS BEST ANSWER BUTTON" ;)
    that's my problem.

    Please help
  3. Hi,

    There might be a delay to get the points. This is normal.

    Yes, what you say about the best answer is correct. You will see others, but not your own reply.

  4. Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your help.

    I joined this forum on 01-07-2010 and i confirmed my e-mail on that day itself. But till yesterday(almost 5days) 50 points are not added. As per your reply , i tried with a new mail address yesterday and again confirmed yesterday with new mail.still no use. Help please.
  5. Heh, well I don't suppose you can buy stuff with these points :P

    Not missing out on much, buddy.
  6. Yep ;)! I know that. :)
    Anyway it"s our duty to inform that something as mentioned is not happening. Right???
  7. Hi,

    There have been bugs with the points system. Rest assured you aren't losing any points. I know it can be frustrating, and we hope to have everything fixed soon.

    Thanks for your patience,
  8. Thanks for clarifying..
    Thanks for all your support ;)

    You can close this thread.
  9. This topic has been closed by Justinblue
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