Is this power supply rubbish?

i bought it with my dad, who is an electrician ... Looked it up online after buying it and apparently its like those other chinese time bombs and will take my system with it in a few months etc. :kaola:
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  1. Looks pretty generic, now if you're just surfing the web and typing up word documents, then this PSU might suffice as i would only go for generic branded PSU's if i know the system won't be stressed with handling games and other resource intensive tasks that will stress the PSU out. Also if that is what you would plan to do with the system then the wattage is too high on that unit.

    It is recommened to always go for name brand when it comes to power supplys, the more quality the unit the better as if you go generic and the software you run puts to much stress on the low quality compnents inside the unit then it could take other parts out with it, so if you plan to game or do video editing/CAD work etc. then i'd choose from a more reputable brand like Corsair, Thermaltake, Silverstone etc.
  2. also Antec,Seasonic,XFX all make some good psus
    CDdude55 advice is pretty good
    I just wanted to add those brands in :)
  3. You can always check this thread for good units:
  4. You should get a PSU from a more reputable brand. You can find some that cost that much.
  5. All the above brands are good except Thermaltake. They make absolute crap that can kill your computer it's so bad out of spec. You might want to remove them from your recommend list.

    I usually recommend Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax and Antec.
  6. not true. some of thermaltakes psu's are great. the 1 i have is excellent... i have the 850w toughpower its nearly 3 years old and i have had zero issues and its whisper quiet even at load. yes some of there lesser units i wouldnt use as doorstops but some are well made... the reason ? they get them made by 3rd parties. the end result is inconsistent products.

    that G7 is hit and miss in the reviews. 3 out of 5 people claim it killed there pc or developed a fault very quickly... so no i wouldn't chance it... better to get a coolermaster 550w for the same money... if your running a single card you wont need any more than that...
  7. These are rated by ripple and noise. The best Thermaltake makes is a tier 3. That list is not perfect but it is pretty accurate and updated.

    Thermaltake is the only brand listed above that makes something this bad.

    In my opinion there is no reason to recommend a brand that is so hit and miss when so many other brands are not.
  8. im not sure about the eggspert link as im pretty sure the thermaltake 650w unit is a fire hazard but its listed as a reasonable unit... i know the 850w is good but there 500-650w and there 750w tr rx models were made by a less than reputable maker which in turn lead to a lot of complaints, returns and dead systems.
    your rite in saying you wouldn't recommend them but i would if they were talking specific units... while i would also tell a buyer to stay away from specific lower power offerings. each to there own i guess on this 1.
  9. Tier 3?

    Anyway... just check this list. If its an HEC or Solytech Thermaltake unit, don't buy it. The Sirtec, FSP's and CWT's are safer. The Enhance made ones will be their best.

    I thought they were trying to improve their image, but I see a whole new line of Solytech units... psha.
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