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HD 6950 2GB Crossfire is my PSU enough???

HI guys

I ordered a HD69502GB off SuperBiiz and it should be here in like 2 days..Im using a InWin 750W commander now im wondering whether my PSU will be enough for the 2 cards. should i a buy a new one ?? but the Cash flow is sorta low now so it will be so awesome if my Inwin can hold it together with CF

I know its not a Well known PSU but i read reviews before buying it Guru3D and most Said good things about it check it out

here are my System Details

CPU : Intel 2500K @ 4.2Ghz
Graphic Card : Sapphire ATI HD6950 2GB (6970 Bios Mod) core:900, Mem:1300
CPU cooler : Antec Khuler 920 CPU cooler
RAM : Gskill sniper 8GB 4 x 2GB
Mother board : ASrock P67 Extreme 6
Audio-card : Asus Xonar DX Audio Card
PSU : InWin 750W commander
Casing : CM HAF932 Casing

Storage : SSD - 64GB Crucial m4 - Boot Drive
HDD 1 - Samsung F1 Spinpoint 1TB
HDD 2 - Hitachi 500GB

Monitor : Acer 243HL 24 Inch LED Monitor
Sound : Edifier DA5000PRO 5.1

Thank you so much for your Time

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  1. Not sure, but you do have a lot extra's, so 750W could be underpowered just by a bit. Without all extra's i would say it's enough, but now ? There is a site somewhere you can calculate your systems powerneed, i'll try to find it for you.
  2. Damn 900W well guess i should be shopping for a new PSU then....sigh!!!!
    i tried a convertor before also it said 630 Something
    well its better not to take chances with this
  3. Best answer < your looking at about 600w under load from the wall. Assuming 85% efficient PSU your looking at 510w, and thats running furmark which stresses the cards more than any game assuming your PSU can produce its rated power you will be fine.
    2 reviews, 1 showing it can power 2 dual gpu gtx295's, very power hungry you should be fine.
  4. And extreme.outervision is totally wrong ? Why does everybody reccomend this site then ? It's a a big difference 750 or 900 watts. Bit weird though the other convertor said 630. Pfffffffff, i don't know anymore.
  5. Sorry about the Delay Had Exam's...well then I Ran a lot of Benches and it seems to Running fine on my 750W YAY!!!
    @iam2thecrowe you were spot on, thanks buddy!!!

    May be its a Scam to make people buy higher rated PSUs from them.....heheee
    just saying :P

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  7. You are looking at it the wrong way a HD6950 requires 2-6pin with 75w.
    Not any PSU will do that are Crossfire certifed.
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