Upgrade or new build ?

Hi all,
Need some advice on a system I built 3 years ago. Ive got an :-

Windows XP,
Motherboard - M2N-E SLI
Processor - AMD X2 4200+ 2.2Ghz (Socket 2)
Memory - 2 Gig
GCard - 9400 GT
PSU - 400 WT

Now its done me well for the last 3 years but lately ive noticed its starting to slow down a lot, boot in times is a 2 minute wait before I can open anything. Internet browser crashes a lot. Gaming is still okay, play COD 4 and BF2 comfortably on it. My budget is tight however have about £100 (Recession :( ).

However I have seen I can get a 3Ghz AMD X2 6000 FOR £40 and probably buy a better graphics card for £50, probably means ill have to upgrade me psu to a 500 w + thou. Ill reinstall xp and keep me old monitor.

...... Is it worth it thou, I want to be playing the newer games out now like BF3 and Rage, and I dont want to spend the £100 to find I cant play them. A friend told me to sell the parts and with the £100 buy a barebones bundle from an online retailer !!

Any thoughts be appreciated

Any thoughts ?
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  1. My honest opinion would be not to put anything into your system that can not be reused in another new system. I would not invest in a new CPU as it won't buy you much. Maybe if you got it for free or dirt cheap. I'd probably throw in a new video card/power supply and then save for an entirely new system.
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