Looking for a new PSU

I currently own a 600W storm PSU (24a along 12V) which i want to change due to several problems on my computer.

my current rig is:
AMD Phenom II X6 1045T
GTX460 1GB
Gigabyte M720 US3
2x2GB ram (DDR2)

I also plan on overclocking the CPU by about 20% and the GPU by about 10% (or maybe more if the stock cooler can take it), so please bare that in mind.

I also live in the UK, and i'm very comfortable with buying parts off Scan

Is THIS PSU any good? (500W silverstone strider)

or the corsair builder series? CX500

thanks in advance for any help :)
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  1. Both the Corsair and the Silverstone are pretty good power supplies. The Silverstone is actually a bit more powerful with 34a on the 12v rail to the Corsair's 28a on the 12v rail.
  2. It's decent, it's not even bronze rated though, and the Cx junk isn't either.

    See if you can find a XFX 550w for the same price.
  3. This one is much better, 5yr warranty, built by Seasonic, Bronze rated, single 44a rail.

  4. ah, that looks pretty good. am i right to understand that this PSU will be compatible with my MoBo?

    thanks for the find :)
  5. Yeah it will work. There are very few power supplies that are not compatible with all motherboards.
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